The Duties of the Bailliages Regioneaux

The Baillis Regioneaux are the delegates of the Chaîne in a region or an area. They have the reponsibility of recruiting new members, organizing Chapitres, dinners and other events. The Board of Directors helps the Bailli Regional carry out the Chaîne's program at the highest possible level, especially in regard to the organization of dinners, the preparation of meetings, of exhibitions and Grand Chapîtres, liaison with public and private groups, gastronomîque, wine and folklore associations, the press and the recruitment of new members.
The officers of a Bailliage Regional are made up of the following officers:
Bailli Regional (Chapter President)

Chapter President

Vice Chancelier-Argentier

In charge of administration, treasurer and assistant to the Bailli

Vice Conseiller Gastronomique

Responsible for planning menus, the choice of wines and coodinating Balliage events. Must be non-Professional (the Bailli Délégué may make exceptions in unusual circumstances)

Vice Conseiller Culinaire

In charge of the realization of dinners and relations with Professional Members. Must be a Professional (the Bailli Delegue may make exceptions in unusual circumstances)

Vice Chargé de Missions

In charge of membership development and other duties as may be assigned by the Bailli Regional

Vice Chargé de Presse

In charge of public relations and the communication of Bailliage events to Society publications and communicates witht eh national Charge de Presse

Vice Echanson

If l'Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Degustateurs is active within the Bailliage, this officer may be named to organize, coordinate and administer the activities of l'Ordre


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