Bailliages de Malaisie

In June 1977, Mr.Ted Wright, Mr. ArchimIhlenfeld and Mr. Karl Waeiti worked together to form the Chaine des Rotisseurs Malaysia. This idea was developed further when the Chaine des Rotisseurs Malaysia held its first Ad Hoc meeting in July 1977. However, it was not until November 1978, when the Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs, Bailliages de Malaisie was formally registered with the Registrar of Societies. The membership at the time was 22 with 11 professional members and 11 non-professional members

This was followed by a Diner Amical at the Hilton Hotel, during which BailliDelegue, officers and members of Chaine des Rotisseurs Malaysia were installed. Following this, we had the honour of a visit from the Grand Chancelier, Mr. Valbyin in November 1978. This is when Bailliages de Malaisie was formally inducted by him and the Chaine ribbons presented.

Today Bailliages de Malaisie consists of Bailliage de Kuala Lumpur, Bailliage de Penang, Bailliage de Johore Bahru, Bailliage de Melaka, Bailliage de Kuching, Bailliage de Sabah, Bailliage de Perak and Bailliage de Putra Jaya with 250 members.

Part of the Bailliage is as well the, Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs, for those who have a special knowledge of or interest in wine and spirits. Members of this group organize special wine-related events, including trips to wine-producing regions around the world.

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